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About Us

Smith Black Herefords is a family purebred cattle operation that started in 2007 when Marc saw his first ad for a Black Hereford Production Sale.  Marc, Brenda, Jacob and Jenna have always been fans of the black white faced animals, where they used Hereford bulls on their commercial Angus cows.  The Smith family saw many benefits to the Hereford/ Angus cross, such as docility, increase in heterosis, and the premium of the black white faced animal.  In 2007, the Smith family purchased their first Black Hereford bull and female to start their herd of Black Herefords. The idea of breeding Black Hereford cattle came from Marc and Brenda, where they wanted Jacob and Jenna to have a 4-H and FFA project that was different from anyone else, as well as continue to gain the benefits of the black white faced animals. In 2010, the Smith family made the commitment to sell all of their commercial cows and switch 100% to raising Black Herefords.  Over the years, the Smith family has continued to bring in new genetics from well known and reputable Hereford and Angus breeders from all over the country, where they currently run 80 head of registered females. In 2013 when Jacob was a sophomore in highschool he went to Artificial Insemination (A.I) school.  Through A.I. and Embryo Transfer (ET) work the Smith Family has been able to increase and utilize better genetics and create new bloodlines in their herd to offer to their customers. The goal of Smith Black Herefords is to produce Superior Black Herefords with outcross genetics that will work for both the purebred and commercial cattlemen.  The Smith family is a big believer in following the 3P's when making selections for their herd and sale animals.  Every animal needs to have great Performance, an excellent Phenotype, and an elite pedigree!  As the Smith family has continued to raise a successful herd of cattle both Marc and Brenda have continued to work their jobs in Newton.  Jacob is now a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University, where he is a highschool agricultural/FFA Instructor.  Jenna recently graduated from Newton High School and is a college student at Iowa State University where she majors in Agricultural Communications.  The joke around the farm and between the Smith Family about raising Black Herefords has been that it has become a 4-H project gone wild!  Thank you for considering Smith Black Herefords for your next herd bull or female purchase.  Feel free to contact Marc at 641-521-0797, or Jacob at 641-521-9947.  Or go to the Contact Us tab and leave your information and a brief message and they will get back to you as soon as they can!